Hometown Tourist

I’ve lived in Sydney for my entire life, but I feel I’ve always taken it for granted. There are so many beautiful places to explore, and now that I’m beginning to put together my plans for (finally!) moving out of home, it’s about time that I take advantage of all this city has to offer before it’s too late.

Last weekend I had to be in the city for a training day, and with the weather on my side, I decided to take a walk around Circular Quay and be a tourist for an afternoon.

Circular Quay is home to Sydney’s trademark Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House, and on a beautiful day, they really are quite stunning.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

This is one of the typical views you’ll see of the Opera House, but if you go for a short walk, around to the other side of the quay, you’ll get this view, which is by far my favourite.

Sydney Opera House

I had a wander around the sails, which is well worth doing. From a distance, you can get the full effect, but up close you get to appreciate the odd angles.

But while the must see sights are the pull, I find the most interesting parts are the unexpected. When I was there, there were men playing the Didjeridoo, a guy dressed up as the Terminator and dancing to Terminator music, and finally, this guy, who just blew me away.

Busking ArtistArt is definitely not my strong point, so I find when I see such talent, I’m always amazed!

It was such a perfect day to appreciate some of the things I’ve taken for granted. Spring is here, so I plan on taking advantage of this perfect weather for a few more wanderings. What else should I see? There is so much of Sydney that I’ve just never seen, so any ideas, especially for off the beaten track treasures will be much appreciated!


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