Sunrise at Angkor Wat | Throwback Thursday

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I set out on my first solo travel adventure. I say solo, but I was too chicken to do it completely by myself, so I joined a tour, but it was no less awe inspiring, and still definitely gave me a leg up in the confidence department.

On only the second day of the tour, the first having been spent travelling from Bangkok to Siam Reap, we got up before 5am to watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat. Tired, but in high spirits, we got ourselves out of bed, and were there in time to get our places.

At first we thought that Mother Nature might provide too much cloud cover…Sunrise Over Angkor Wat 1

But patience is a virtue and we were treated to a spectacular show.

Sunrise Over Angkor Wat 2


We then headed off for a well earned breakfast, before coming to tackle the rest of the complex.

3 Stone Faces Entrance into temple complex Temple Rock carving


The scale is overwhelming, and the rock carvings are so intricate. Yet you can get lost in rooms that go forever…

Rooms upon rooms


Feel like you’ve stepped into another world…

Temples and trees Temple over run with trees


And wonder if they knew something we don’t…

Evidence of Dinosaurs?

And then come back to climb some seriously steep stairs and enjoy the view from the top.

Very steep stairs - Angkor Wat The view from the top - Angkor Wat


There wasn’t much monkeying around for us, but it was a different story for some of these guys.

Mummy monkey and baby

All before heading off to the next destination, but not before one final look.

Angkor Wat


I still can’t say early mornings are my thing, but sometimes they’re definitely worth it.

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