Sydney Was Open

Yesterday I had the amazing experience of being a part of the volunteer team for Sydney Open day run by Sydney Living Museums.

I’ve never really gone out of my way to do something like this before, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. (Although perhaps I could have done without the backache and blisters from being on my feet for 9 hours). While I’m not cut out for a career in retail, I had the opportunity to meet so many enthusiastic and passionate people that you just couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment.

The idea behind Sydney Open day was to open up as many sites as possible that are important to the heritage of Sydney, be they historically significant, or displaying the Sydney style of the present and future. Many of the sites open to the public are normally never seen, or sometimes never even heard of, so yesterday was a great opportunity to learn and see something new (or old!).

I had the fantastic luck of being assigned to The State Theatre, and oh my, is she a sight to behold! Such opulent glamour from a bygone era, it really took my breath away. From the moment you walk in the doors, there is just something to hold you in awe no matter where you look.

The Theatre was opened in 1929 and was originally designed for silent film, but it wasn’t long before ‘Talkies’ started showing.

State Theatre State Theatre

It’s also home to the second largest chandelier in the world, which the camera on my iPad definitely did not do justice to!

Chandelier - State Theatre Statue - State Theatre State Theatre State Theatre Organ Pipes - State Theatre

There are organ pipes below the Theatre, which are not normally seen by the public. They are massive.

State Theatre State Theatre Butterfly Room - State Theatre

The Butterfly Room is one of the ladies smoking rooms. It’s very girly and feminine, which is in stark contrast to what the men got (although I didn’t get a good photo! Too much dark wood, and not enough lighting is not good for photography).

State Theatre

While I was helping out at The State Theatre, my Mum was wandering around the sites, and kindly took some photos for me so I would have the chance to see what else was on offer. (Love you Mum!)

Cruise Liner in Sydney Harbour

And boy was it a beautiful day in Sydney.

Sneaky view of the Harbour from inside the MCA

With a glimpse of that beautiful day from inside the MCA in Circuclar Quay.


Mum selfie! MCA

Mum taking a selfie. Must say, the quote gave me a good giggle. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

See Through Floor - Customs House

Apparently this floor is inside Customs House. I would have never known!

Government House Government House

And Government House in Sydney with all its leather and wood. Very masculine environment if you ask me.

Sculpture - Hilton

This odd sculpture resides in the Hilton, but the main attraction is Marble Bar, for a little old school style.

Marble Bar Marble Bar

No tour of Sydney’s historical sites could be complete without a visit to Hyde Park Barracks to get a little taste of convict life.

Uncomfortable beds - Hyde Park Barracks

The look of those beds is making me very grateful for the relative decadence of my own sleeping arrangements.

Hammocks - Hyde Park Barracks

Maybe a hammock would be more comfortable?

I finished the day with a little (early) Christmas cheer, with the giant Christmas tree in the QVB!

Christmas Tree - QVB


While the Open Day is over for this year, many of the sites can be seen at any time during the year. And if you want to volunteer (which I would highly recommend) you can check out and if you want to see a show at The State Theatre, and make sure you take time to enjoy not just the show, then check out

7 thoughts on “Sydney Was Open

      1. Sure ~ a submission for our current campaign is an anonymous photo + comment on your interpretation, experience or reflection of what makes a value lifestyle. We’ve had different submissions reflect on the mismatching reality with which people live, the qualities that make for a value outlook.. all sorts. Lots of profound experiences are being shared as well !

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  1. I’ve been to the Brisbane one twice, it was awesome. One of the volunteers suggested that I volunteer next year, I might just have to think about it! Would love to go to the Melbourne & Sydney ones too


    1. I would definitely recommend it. I think perhaps next time I’d like to do a half day of volunteering so I can get the chance to go and see some of the other open sites. My mum had such a good time seeing everything that I want to go see for myself 🙂
      I didn’t actually even know that something similar was offered in other cities, but I’ll definitely have to check them out. Thanks for letting me know!

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