Enjoying Some Festive Fare

After participating in the Sydney Open Day and having a wonderful time, I made sure to keep tabs on other things that Sydney Living Museums were offering. So when I got news of a Christmas Artisan Food Fare, I knew that I would be checking it out.

Hyde Park Barracks Christmas Markets

Hyde Park Barracks Christmas MarketsHeld in the grounds surrounding Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney, which provided a lovely backdrop away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, 50 artisan food stalls were set up for your perusal. With lots of amazing scents wafting through the air, and some talented live music, I took the time to wander around with my mum and see what was on offer.

I had planned on getting some marmalade for my dad (something he eats every single morning without fail!) but I missed out on the offering from the CWA stall. However, we came away with some amazing rye bread and I treated myself to chorizo on a stick and a lager! Me, Chorizo and a LagerFollowing my none too healthy, but oh so delicious snack, Mum and I headed across the road to Hyde Park and were treated to a picturesque view of St Mary’s Cathedral, with the afternoon sun hitting it just right.St Mary's CathedralSt Mary's CathedralWe then headed on our merry way to check out the Christmas decorations en route to the Queen Victoria Building, but I’ll save those pictures for another day.



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