Hello 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I thought that with the new year I should try and post more regularly. We’ll see how that goes ay…

2015 was a pretty full year for me, and I achieved a lot career wise and couldn’t be happier, but in 2016 I want to try and have more fun. Now that I’ve found a career that I truly enjoy and see a future in, I have one less stress in my life. Last year was all about setting myself up for the future, and I feel like I’ve done myself so proud. So this year, I want to sit back a little more and enjoy myself.

So without further ado, here are my 10 goals for 2016.

1. Travel

I didn’t travel anywhere in 2015, mostly because I couldn’t afford it and had other priorities, but this year I want to explore some more of the world. I’m not 100% set on any particular destination but I would love to finally see some more of Australia.

2. Take a Vegetarian Cooking Class

In the past couple of years I’ve really got into cooking. The initial motivation was a desire to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Now that I feel that I’ve achieved those goals, I want to maintain my new lifestyle but still keep things interesting and varied. I actually used to be vegetarian, but I mostly just ate a lot of pasta. Now, while I don’t necessarily want to become vegetarian again (although maybe one day), I do want to learn to cook a wider variety of meals that include a lot of vegetables. 

3. Be More Organised

A bit of a boring one, but I’m not a naturally tidy and organised person. This has really become a problem now that I’m teaching as I just have ridiculous amounts of paper everywhere! I need to take control and find a method to keep on top of things that I can actually stick to.

4. Read 10 Non-Fiction Books

I go through fiction like I go through underwear. My long train journey coupled with my natural love for reading means that I’m a regular at the library. But I rarely read non-fiction. I love to watch documentaries but I so rarely choose to read something that’s not made up. I want to expand my horizons a little and expose myself to new ways of thinking, different points of view and just learn something because I can.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose

Ever since I started earning money I’ve been a part of the frivolous world of fast fashion and unnecessary consumerism. I have too many things. Things don’t make me happier. In fact, at the moment my excess of things is making me stressed. Late last year I started selling many of my unloved items on eBay and donating things to charity. I want to continue this trend into 2016 and downsize my collection of things until I’m left with only the things that have some purpose in my life and bring me joy.

6. Buy Quality, Environmentally Conscious, Things

I earn enough money now that I have the luxury of being selective about the materials, treatments, manufacturing processes etc. that go into producing the clothing and other items that I buy. This is also related to my point above, in that I want to own fewer, but higher quality, things. I want to have things that will last, things I truly love, but also things that were produced with the environment in mind, by people earning a fair wage in safe working conditions.

7. Purchase Only Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Ideally, I’d like to take this further and purchase only fair trade and environmentally friendly products, but at a minimum, I want cruelty free products. In doing this, I also hope to simplify my beauty and skincare routine and reduce the amount of chemicals I’m putting on my skin everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe natural and organic are always the most effective and anything synthetic is a chemical and therefore toxic. But I definitely could afford to reduce unnecessarily using a plethora of products when there is something just as effective that doesn’t contain controversial or unnessary ingredients.

8. Be Outdoors More

I’m a natural homebody. I love nothing more than spending a day in bed with a hot cup of green tea and a book. While there is nothing wrong with this, I sometimes feel like I should fight my default setting and push my boundaries. I always enjoy being out of doors, I just rarely consciously make the effort. 

9. Print Photos

I have the frames. They’ve been sitting there for months. I just haven’t got around to printing my photos. I have hundreds of travel photos sitting on my hard drive that aren’t being seen. Every time I do take the time to look through them, they bring me so much happiness. So I feel it’s about time I printed some of my favourites so I can enjoy them on a daily basis.

10. Finish German in Duolingo

I started learning German in high school but never got very far with it. Now that I’m Teaching English though, I’m finding that my greater understanding of English grammar is making it far easier for me to understand grammar in other languages because I can draw parallels but I can also just memorise form when necessary. While I would love to be fluent in another language one day, I’m treating German as an academic exercise in which I can keep my brain active and challenged while settling into the routine of a Monday to Friday job.

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